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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

"Reality can be beaten with enough imagination."

"Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell."

"Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers."

"The door to opportunity is always labeled 'push'."

"Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed, to those for whom love still heals, even though they've been hurt before."

He early on let her know who is the boss. He looked her right in the eye and clearly said, "You're the boss."

"They have come up with a perfect understanding. He won't try to run her life, and he won't try to run his, either."

"All marriages are happy. It's living together afterwards that is difficult."






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